Core Values

While we honor and value diversity in private belief and interpretation of scripture and the gospel, the following core values serve as guiding principles for how we do ministry, missions and church management.
  • The Oneness of God – We affirm the oneness of God and creation; we believe that all persons are children of God, who are inherently valuable and worthy of respect, regardless of race, gender, nationality, or any other distinction. As members of the family of God, we have a basic kinship to all persons and are responsible to each other.
  • God’s Revelation in Jesus – We believe that Jesus was the Son of God and that God was in Christ in a unique way reconciling the world to God. In Jesus’ life we see God’s intent for humanity, a model of service and love. In Jesus’ death we find God’s gift of healing for our brokenness, forgiveness for our sin, companionship in our suffering. In Jesus’ resurrection we discover hope for eternal life.
  • The Holy Spirit – We believe in the Spirit of God who is present in every part of creation from the beginning of time. God sends the Spirit to be our Comforter and Advocate, to intercede for us with sighs too deep for words, and to guide us in truth. The Spirit dwells within each of us, providing a sign of our status as children of God, a seal for our redemption in Christ. The Spirit brings understanding, unity, and a unique array of gifts for each believer to use in the work of ministry and for building up the body of Christ.
  • The Centrality of Worship – We believe that worship is the central activity of the community of faith. Our transforming experience in the presence of God, listening for God’s voice and offering our devotion to God, inspires everything else we do. We believe that genuine worship engages the mind and heart and is guided by the Holy Spirit.
  • The Significance of Christian Nurture – We affirm the significance of Christian nurture whose primary task is the formation of disciples of Jesus. While we have a particular passion for the nurture of children and youth, as well as an awareness of how much we learn from them, we are committed to an intentional approach to formation throughout life.
  • The Importance of Growth – We value growth within individuals and communities of faith. Specifically, we believe that each of us is called to grow up into Christ in every way and to enthusiastically invite others into a process of growth. We seek to experience the Gospel in ways that illuminate, encourage, and attract others to Christian faith. We value authenticity in the journey and a willingness to ask hard questions as we expand our understanding of biblical teachings.
  • The Community of God’s People – We affirm the importance of community. We are born in community, live in community, and are redeemed in community. Covenant relationships built on mutual trust, respect, equity, and fairness are essential to the building of community. The principles of democracy and justice guide our shared life.
  • Need for Reconciliation – We confess that we are incomplete and broken and need integration, wholeness, reconciliation, and healing personally, interpersonally, and socially. We best fulfill this mission through the way of love, acceptance, and forgiveness practiced by Jesus.
  • Commitment and Responsibility – We affirm the need for passionate commitment of our time and resources. We believe that Jesus calls us to a life of service and love, that this calling requires genuine commitment, and that through commitment we experience joy.
  • Historic Baptist Principles – We affirm historic Baptist principles of freedom including priesthood of the believer, local church autonomy, religious liberty and separation of Church and State.