From the Pastor’s Pen

I’ve always loved the English language. I love words and the way they communicate different feelings and ideas. When I was in Grade School, one of my teachers informed me that I might be a writer someday. I had no idea how that prediction would be fulfilled, but God is amazing! I am so blessed to see where the Lord has led and the opportunities He’s provided for me to use my talents.

I love God’s Word and I love to encourage and exhort others to believe in God, have faith, and never give up. I am glad that the Lord has allowed me to combine both of these aspects, along with my personal experiences, so that He is able to speak words of encouragement to His people.

It is my desire that whatever I do be in God’s will for my life. My goal for this ministry is simply to let the world know that God loves them and that Jesus is the only answer to every problem or situation they are experiencing. As a church leader I’m always looking for a way to be in the lives of our people outside of Sunday services. If I can encourage just one person to trust the Lord through our church’s quarterly personal devotionals we call “The Word for you Today”, or these online inspirations and words of encouragement, I have fulfilled my purpose.

My hope is that these devotionals will speak to the reality of your daily walk with the Lord. Please feel free to forward your comments and feedback to our attention, or if you wish to inquire how to order one or more of our published devotionals, we would love to hear from you.

Please contact us at (513) 681-1011 or [email protected]

God Bless, Pastor Charles L. King, Jr.